Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Sebastian | Getting a closeup of Seb is extremely rare, and only happened this time because he was a bit zoned out and didn't realize for a second what I was doing. Right after I snapped this picture there was a hand to the camera. Also, Seb loves to wear ties. I think he gets his affinity for dressing up from his daddy.

Bruno | And... another close up. No regrets here. I snapped both of these photos one right after the other while the boys were practicing their patience. Their neighbor friend was hunting for his Easter basket, and then it would be their turn. When Bruno finally got to find his basket, he became very quickly engrossed in eating little chocolate bunnies. I hope to never forget the big, chocolatey grin on his face. "Was isst du, Bruno??" ... "Schokoooooo!" (Schokolade/Chocolate)

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