Thursday, May 15, 2014

Gear | Rainy season

Lately we have been getting excessive amounts of rain. There hasn’t been one day in about a month that we haven’t been the recipients of at least one random downpour. On Sunday we took for granted that it was sunny when we left the house, and didn’t make it back home before a fierce rainstorm drenched us and left us shivering. Fortunately the boys stayed snug inside the stroller with blankets and rain covers. I love rainy days, or at least I used to love rainy days. They are perfect when your time is your own and you can snuggle up with a good book and hot drink. A fireplace also helps make these days covetable. Since becoming a mom, those times of relishing the cold rain on my window and a hot drink in my hand have become fewer. Cabin fever is real with toddlers and young children, and oftentimes, the threat of rain simply doesn’t carry enough weight to keep the kiddos inside all day. I am a huge believer in getting kids and adults alike outdoors (living in Europe without a car will teach you this real quick like), but it can be a bit of a challenge without appropriate rain gear. I have drenched my poor dear moccasins more times than I can say (my feet, too). Rain speckled glasses also aren’t my favorite. 

After our Sunday walk-turned-shower, I decided enough was enough. I am buying rain boots. I still don’t have a rain jacket, but I’d say shoes are a solid step in the right direction. (pun intended)

Do you have appropriate rain gear? Any favorite trusty pieces? It’s hard for me to put money down on rain gear, but the mobility it gives is invaluable, especially with a couple tiny pairs of restless legs in my home, waiting for me to give the time-to-go-outside signal.

P.S. Just a tip: when buying rain gear for your child, size up! The items will last longer, and since most rain gear has elastic around the ankles (and wrists, if applicable) they will still fit just fine. And definitely size up if you cloth diaper. Also, if you're handy with a sewing machine and don't want to put down the money for a pair of basic rainpants for your child, I would recommend looking into a simple elastic pants pattern and waterproof fabric. It might be just the ticket! 

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  1. Great resources, Mary- thanks! I've been wondering about those mud-pants.