Monday, June 23, 2014

Bruno ist zwei geworden

Coffee and Brezel date with this handsome 2 yr. old. He's proudly wearing his new Fußball Trikot.

The cake. Bruno is obsessed with snails and turtles.

Buddies. Seb + Bruno + Yannik. Laughing at all the silly things Yannik's papa is saying to get them to smile, like Aprikose in die Hose (apricots in your pants) and Pavian Popo (baboon bottom). 
Potty humor at it's finest.

Beautiful boy that has been stopping the hearts of women with that smile for 2 years and counting.

The 2014 Strecker Birthday Games closing ceremony. It's like our own little version of the World Cup. May 18th to June 18th. We made it!

Yannik and Seb spent at least 30 minutes letting their soccer balls roll down the hill and then would carry them to the top to do it all over again. 

Bruno turned two last Wednesday. Cody had to be gone all day for class, so I tried to make the day as celebratory as possible on my own (which proved... challenging), but we officially celebrated all together on Thursday. I called it my do-over day, because Wednesday... woah. Seb's friend Yannik's grandparents tend a large garden in Eningen, which is a small city that neighbors Reutlingen. It was a beautiful sunny day, and we soaked up every minute in this beautiful garden. There are over a hundred apple and pear trees, a few cherry trees, and currant, gooseberry, and raspberry bushes. They had a swing, a small sandbox, a slide, a small trampoline, and a fire pit. It was such a lovely evening and such a neat experience for all of us. Gardens are a big deal in Germany. This is probably primarily because of a combination of two factors: there isn't much space, meaning many families and individuals live in small apartments their whole lives, and also because Germans tend to be outdoorsy people at their core. We've noticed that the younger generations don't have that quality as much as the older generations, but it's there all the same. We are so thankful to the Wagner family for hosting us and creating such wonderful memories with us, and for making Bruno's birthday celebration a whole lot of fun.

Happy birthday to my beautiful Brunsy.

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  1. A very happy birthday; such a sweetie! :)