Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Old snow, beautiful snow

As it turns out, I was terrible at taking pictures during Christmas break, with the exception of these above: wearing my papa's boots out into the snow to catch this magical sky and magical house. I'm also becoming more okay with this falling in and out of things (it helps having talented photographers on both sides of the family. My brother-in-law took the most captivating photos of the boys on Christmas morning. Thanks, Kurt!). Life ebbs and flows, and right now, taking pictures, blogging, and a whole host of other things are waning in importance. I blame moving. I overheard a new friend say to someone, "Moving is traumatic." It's true, and I know it. So I'm okay with living months of my life in a weird sort of normal-not-normal cloud, and taking each day as it comes. We are slowly but surely making this little corner of Texas home, and enjoying the unseasonably warm weather. It's bizarre wearing a tank top in the sunshine while many of our friends are hunkered down after a blizzard. I don't think the Texas weather will ever lessen in it's strangeness to me, but I've at least made my peace with it this winter because we enjoyed a couple lovely days surrounded by snow while in Ohio. I even scooped some up in a cup and ate it as we drove away, 17 hours of road in front of us, from my childhood home.

Thanks, Jo, for taking these beautiful pictures (below).

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