Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cloth | Prefold cloth diaper comparison and review

Can I just say that I love cloth diapering? I know it sounds crazy, but I can honestly say that I do, and would highly recommend it for anyone who is considering it for their little one(s).

So far I have tried two different kinds of prefolds on my little guy, and wanted to share with you my experience with both. First of all, I love prefolds. They are easy to clean, hold in the mess so well, and the cost is low on the cloth diaper spectrum.

The first Kind is Babykicks Prefold Hemp Diapers. These are the first ones that I tried and the majority of my diapers are these.

My little guy sporting Babykicks

Absorbancy: they are ultra absorbent and great for nighttime.

Cuteness factor: call me crazy, but i think they’re really beautiful. They make very pretty burp cloths, too.

Durability: hemp is one of the strongest fibers, which means these diapers are going to serve you well for multiple babies.

Size: the rectangular shape is easier to fold down in the front or back, depending on if your baby is a boy or girl.

Cost: they come to $6.99 each. This is still low for cloth diapers, but could get pricey if you’re only able to wash your diapers once or twice a week.

are difficult to attach to these diapers because the fabric is very thickly woven. This is no problem for a newborn who isn’t very active, but would be difficult once your baby starts to roll.

: I don’t think they’re rough per se, but they could be softer. (They get rougher after washing even though they say that they will get softer)

The second is Unbleached Indian Cotton Prefolds. I decided to try these because of the cons I listed for the Babykicks above.

This is how they look after they've been pre-washed and dried

Cost: They range from $1.75 to $2.50 per diaper.

: They get really pillowy after just a few washings and are very soft.

Snappis: They work so much better on these diapers. A huge plus for an older, more active baby.

Cuteness factor: Ok, I think these are just as cute as the Babykicks

Durability: These may not last as long as Babykicks, but they should still be a good investment for multiple kids.

Bulk: They are a bit bulkier than Babykicks, but not excessively so.

Size: They’re not as long as I would like (they’re more like squares), which makes them harder to fold down in the front or back.

Babykicks prefolds have served us well so far, and I really don't have any substantial complaints about them. Probably the biggest two things are cost, and how difficult it is to put the snappis on them. I didn't think about the snappi problem much at first, but the more active my baby gets, the more I realize the difficulty. I think that when my baby grows into the next size of diapers, I'll purchase the Indian Cotton ones.

I hope you've found this review helpful!

P.S. These are the diaper covers that I use.

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  1. I have to show this post to a friend. She always wanted to try them for her little one:) hugs and kisses