Friday, September 17, 2010

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Since my husband and I, with our little Seb, will be relocating sometime next summer, I've been collecting photos of inspiring home interiors so that when the big move comes, I'll be ready with all sorts of inspiration to make our next place simply perfect. I stumbled upon this photo this morning, and instead of just dropping it in my little folder and moving on with my day, I decided it needed to be shared. I love how this room looks so peaceful and simple. I often feel that all-white rooms look undecorated or uninhabited, but not this one. The luxurious rug, old sailor painting and wood floors make this a place I would want to live in. I hope I can decorate a room like this in our new home.

I hope you have a restful weekend. We're visiting with some friends for a couple days, so I need to get our apartment clean before we leave!

A few bits:
Easy weekend kitchen craft
Fruit of the Spirit PrintWouldn't this be perfect in a gender neutral baby room?
Custom wood stamp by Note Trunk
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