Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Home | Missing the big snowstorm

Call me crazy, but I'm slightly depressed that I'm still visiting my family, while my husband and our friends are about to enjoy a huge blizzard. Here in W we are getting, joy of all joys, ice and freezing rain. I'm just hoping we'll be able to get back up to H according to schedule!

Well friends, don't have too much fun without us.

Nevertheless, we are having a great time. Lots of sleeping and lounging for me, as I have had a bad case of the flu for 3 days now, and lots of Grandma time, waltzing around the kitchen with Uncle I, and napping in a bean bag chair for Seb. Oh, and someone got his first 2 teeth!

P.S. Then: Pregnant in Paris, Twins in Paris. Now: Babies in Paris

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