Wednesday, April 27, 2011

DIY: Make it, stitch it, sew it

It's been a while since I've posted any tutorials, but these were too good to pass by. I hope you enjoy these links and find something lovely to make. Or something lovely for your super-crafty mom/sister/friend to make for you. My birthday is just a few weeks away, and I've asked my mom to make me a couple floor pillows for our new place in N.C. Can't you just see Sebastian lounging on them while he watches Veggie Tales?

Ruffled tee [via]

Doodle stitching, Spring sampler [via (I think...]

Toiletries bag [via]

Pom pom bib necklace [via]

Men's tie [see Kaite's fab version]

If you're in the crafting mood and don't see something here I would recommend going to say YES! to hoboken. It is the best place to find amazing DIY projects and crafts. And a site my mom found: KOJODESIGNS.

You won't even believe it, but you can make your very own Anthro style bedding. I am in awe. Thanks, Mom!

[image credit]

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