Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Fashion—Simplify

Simple. It's classic, it's what most of us wear when we are with the people we love, and when we go on coffee dates or are shopping with friends.

I hope your Friday is simple—and comfy!


  1. Mary, I LOVE your blog! I am not a consistent commenter or blogger, for that matter, but I have been meaning to tell you that your pictures and the delightful moments that you document make me smile. Seb is adorable and when I'm a mom someday, I will certainly be coming to you for advice :-) I miss you and YES I will see you this summer!

  2. Oh and I just changed my blog address after I wrote that. Now the URL is
    Just in case you want to keep reading :-)

  3. Love This! You speak to my heart girl. Cozy, comfy, and casual chic! Just wanted to pop over and thank you for joining my blog giveaway. Glad to have "met" you!