Monday, April 4, 2011

The Lodge

Our weekend away was completely wonderful. We spent a whole lot of time just lounging in our room while we read, ate, and watched Ugly Betty and Horatio Hornblower (Can't wait to start the books!). It was absolutely fantastic. So that we wouldn't feel too lazy, and because Cody said his legs hurt from doing nothing, we went on a long walk around the frozen lake and down snowy trails. The trees were gorgeous and I just couldn't resist collecting some moss and a little birch bark. I hope to get a little terrarium set up for my collection of moss!

Although it was wonderful to have some "us time" I missed our dear little guy so much more than I could ever have imagined! The whole weekend I just wanted to hug and squeeze him and give him kisses on his fat little cheeks. He was, however, a perfect angel while we were gone and showed me some new skills today! He has been trying to stand up to the couch for the longest time and today he had success. He was so proud. I guess I'll have to start "hiding" our slippers elsewhere...


  1. Glad you liked Horatio Hornblower! The first two books are my favorite of the series. Enjoy!

  2. Mary! I was going to post about terrariums tomorrow!

  3. anna, i am so going to wait until you do! i LOVE terrariums.

    bethany, did you read horatio hornblower chronologically or in the order they were published? i'm torn, but think i'm going to do it in the order they were published...