Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Food—Sweet potatoes. Not just for babies.

Seb has had a terrible cold, his first significant one, making my days very busy with this sick little sweetheart constantly in my arms. So here are a few quick bullet points to briefly introduce you to Sweet Potato Ravioli, one of our new favorites.

-A huge thanks to Kaite for finding and sharing this recipe!
-I made the butter sauce sans most of the herbs and it was still amazing.
-Make this. It’s delicious.

And then after you make it, tell me what you would think of a sweet potato sauce for pasta instead of spaghetti sauce. Gross... or brilliant?

Another sweet potato recipe that I'm dying to try.


  1. Love your pictures - you inspire me to learn how to take pictures other than with the "auto" setting on my point-and-shoot! :) How easy was the dough to work with? It looks great!

  2. thanks kaite! the key is natural light so that you don't have to use the flash. if you make something at night, you could set a piece aside and at least get a bit of it on camera in the morning. or you could put a spotlight on it. :) the dough was simple and i really didn't have any problems. it was a bit time-consuming, but easy. thanks again for the recipe!