Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day No. 1

Happy Mother's Day!

Wow. What an amazing Mother's Day. Cody woke up with Seb at 6 a.m. after only 3 hours of sleep. What a great husband, eh? Then he let me sleep in until 10 a.m., made me a pancake breakfast with fresh blueberries and black raspberries. Seb enjoyed the blueberries and pancakes a lot. We then watched 1/2 of Hitch, took a family nap, and then went to a place called The Root System, a local succulent/cacti greenhouse. There we picked out my Mother's Day gift, an amazing, ruffly-edged succulent! We then capped off the evening with a family walk, a latte for me (compliments of Sebastian), and the second 1/2 of Hitch. Don't I have the best boys?

I hope you had a great, and blessed Mother's Day!

P.S. Check out my new glasses!


  1. LOVE the new specs, hot mama! Your boys are the best-best, and baby succulent is precious! Mine is named Petey and his sinkfront presence makes washing dishes deeelightful.

  2. haha love you hammie! maybe petey and un-named frilly succulent can be lovers.

  3. Love the new glasses, Mary! They suit you SO well! :)