Friday, June 17, 2011

Food | Fresh fruit

I love feeding Seb fresh foods, and fruit is one of our favorites. Picking the right fruits when you’re in the pureeing stage can be a little tricky, as some can bee too acidic. Apples and bananas were our go-to picks, and sometimes pears and peaches.
Right now, Seb loves eating grapes, blueberries, bananas and strawberries. And they make such great finger foods. At lunch today, I didn’t have to spoon feed him anything! It was so nice. For breakfast, we often heat up some dried fruit with a bit of water to make it softer, and put it with his oatmeal.
And I just have to tell you, while I was typing this post, I heard a small thumping noise. I looked over at Seb and he was dropping his fruit and watching it fall to the floor. I guess he’s done.
How do you use fruit in your baby’s meals?

P.S. Remember my post about mailboxes for your little ones? Here it is in action! via

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  1. My older sister still loves her grapes cut in half. A style leftover from toddler eating. Glad to see Seb is catching on. :)