Thursday, June 2, 2011

Food | Purely O’s, or some such organic nonsense

I try not to get carried away with organic everything.
That’s not true. My wallet just won’t let me. I call myself “laidback” about food, which really means I try not to think about what’s in the stuff. I’ve read that if you can’t buy everything organic, grains are the least harmful. As a result, we’ve bought the off-brand Cheerios for Seb. They’re fine, but one day I had a weak moment, and veered toward the Purely O’s, plucked them daintily off the shelf and sent them whizzing down the black conveyer belt. I told myself it was “just this once.” 
A couple days later, Cody says, “Mary! Have you tried these organic things? They’re amazing!” And amazing they are. They are thinner and smaller, so safer for younger babies, I think. We could have foregone the Gerber Puffs had we known about the difference. In addition to their size, they are much airier and flavorful. In fact, they’re delcious.
And so, organic won and my wallet lost, yet again.
What kinds of food do you or do you hope to feed your baby? Do you care at all about organic? I’d love to know!
P.S. I wish you could see the way Seb dives in for a fistful of cheerios and then smashes them into his face. Gone are the days of one at a time... and clean floors.


  1. Great to know about the difference in organic Purely O's! I was planning on getting somethings like Gerber Puffs for Zadok soon but I think we'll try the Purely O's first now.
    I try to feed Zadok mostly organic but, like you, my wallet only permits that to a certain extent. I make most of Zadok's baby food from fresh vegetables that we have delivered from the farmer's market. They're not all USDA organic but they're local, fresh and far less chemically laden than conventional produce.
    Do you make or buy most of Seb's baby food? Do you have any tips for either one?
    Thanks for the info!

  2. Hi Amanda! I hope the Purely O's work well for you! Even with the added cost of being organic, they are still way cheaper than Gerber Puffs.Unfortunately, I let one bad experience with homemade rice cereal prevent me from making my own. I have made everything else, though. Now, after figuring out how to make rice cereal, I make that, so we're finally done spending loads of money on boxed baby cereal. My mistake with rice cereal was trying to make too much. If you don'tp water it down enough, it will be too sticky and your baby won't like it. Seb eats a ton now, and I just put less than 1/4 cup of ground rice in a pan with water and cook it. So with your little guy, you probably would only need a couple tablespoons. I like this site for baby food ideas:

    best of luck as you enter the realm of baby food!