Monday, June 20, 2011

Home | Our new place

We just received word today that we got our apartment in North Carolina! It definitely wasn’t an easy process, and was disappointing when we lost two of the places we really wanted. However, we knew that God would lead us to the right apartment, somehow. Our place is just under 2 mi. from the divinity school, so Cody will be able to walk or bike, and it has wood floors, a balcony, 2 bedrooms, a newly renovated bathroom and even a den! We are so excited that Cody will be able to have a nice, private study space at home. After-all, we love having him with us. 
I am so thankful for the blessings that God has given us through this process. We are already making friends and connections in N.C., and though we are more sad about leaving Michigan every day, we are more encouraged that we are going to the place we need to be. 

Check out my Pinterest board Homeward Bound to see a collection of my home inspiration photos! I am excited to decorate our new place!

image, sorry if I've already posted this...


  1. how exciting! the new place sounds amazing...I can't wait to see how you decorate it :)

    on a technical note, how do you get the pinterest gadget on your column to the right? I'm hopeless, and I'd like to add mine, since it's my new favorite waste of time :)

  2. hey anna! go here:
    i originally saw the new feature from a pinterest e-mail, but found it again by going to the top right of the pinterest home page, finding the "about" section, and then it is under "goodies" on the left. so glad you're addicted to pinterest, too. it's so amazing... i hope wedding planning is going well!