Monday, June 27, 2011

Husband | ...wore a bowtie

We attended the wedding of one of husbands dear friends/Young Life "sister-friend" this weekend. And guess what he wore? This bowtie. It took us both a little while to get used to the look, but we agreed that we really like it. Now I want to buy him this dark green candy striped one...

Does your man wear bowties? Do you like the look?

P.S. I love these sweet little boy versions.


  1. The bowtie look is so classic - Tommy even had his groomsmen wear them with suits at our wedding. has great, inexpensive ties.

  2. he is so ready for the South!! They're everywhere down here :) It was great to see you guys but it definitely left me wanting more- can't wait to visit you in Raleigh.

  3. dawn, we used the tie bar for our wedding ties, too! unfortunately not sweet bow ties like you guys. :)

    karen, ditto. cody couldn't stop saying how much he loves you guys. we are so excited to be so close to you down south. you can show us the ways of the people down there. :)