Friday, June 24, 2011

Mama | Able to give one hundred percent.

When you’re at work, you’re expected to give 100%. But when you’re a stay-at-home mom, the lines get blurred. Usually home is where one relaxes, chats with friends on the phone, watches movies, blogs, and shops for some new jeans on the internet (ok, and a little work, too!). Suddenly, when a baby enters the scene, home is a vastly different place. All of that freedom to unwind and do as you please flies out the window. For a mom, home is the workplace.
For quite a while I failed to see how far this analogy carries. For months I have tried to retreat into much needed me-time while Seb is awake, resulting in fussiness, flaring tempers, impatience, and resentment. And I’m not just talking about Sebastian. For a period of weeks I found myself losing my temper at him daily, only to be struck with guilt, afraid that Sebastian would grow up fearing my quick temper and harsh words.
The problem was that I wasn’t giving 100% while “at work.” Raising Sebastian is my job, and I was doing it poorly. It was similar to telling your boss to shush while you surf Facebook at work. Yea. That doesn’t really fly.
Be all there for your kids and still make time for relaxation. When Sebastian takes his naps, it’s my time to rest, drink some coffee, write blog posts, and do whatever else I need to stay refreshed and connected with people, as well as catch up on household chores and things that are hard to do while my baby is awake.
If you take time to refresh yourself, you’ll have the energy and creativity to juggle all of your responsibilities with patience and graciousness.

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