Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pregnant | Hospital bag

When my water broke at 1 a.m. on May 28th of last year, still 2.5 weeks before my due date, I was completely unprepared. My bag wasn't packed, and since I was, well, "breaking water" every 5 seconds, I had to sit on the pot and shout instructions to my poor, frazzled husband, who got exactly 30 minutes of sleep before I launched myself out of bed and ran to the bathroom, gushing.

I don't recommend this.

I do, however, recommend packing like Elizabeth from E Tells Tales. She just posted all the things she's putting in her hospital bag in anticipation of her sweet baby's arrival. I think I "ooed" and "awed" a little more with each new thing. My favorite? Baby elephant ears.

I'll do better next time. Thanks, E, for showing us how it's done.

P.S. This photo makes me want to have another baby, like yesterday.


  1. Ah, I die over this photo. How do I teach my kid to do that? I probably need to wait until s/he is born, huh?

    I thought I was in labor last night, and all I could think about was that I'd unpacked part of my bag because I needed some of the items last week. So maybe, repack your bag each night?

  2. we were fortunate to live just 5 minutes from the hospital, but if you're far away, definitely repack it like it's your job. :)