Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fashion | What to don in your first ever hurricane

Maybe you've heard, maybe you haven't, but we're about to get a hurricane up in here! I'm usually a bit of a ninny when it comes to severe weather, but we're just far enough away that I must admit I'm a bit excited.

Hello, we don't get hurricanes in Michigan, or Ohio...

So basically, we're about to get some rain, or at least that is what this guy below tells me. Saturday afternoon you say? Well okay, then!

Naturally, my next thought is, "What should I do to prepare?" I don't think I'll need to be boarding up the windows any time soon, but I will probably be needing to make sure I have some proper footwear?

Yes, yes. Or no?

Thanks weather forecast. I liked where I was a moment ago. Lots. Of. Rain. I guess my first hurricane is going to be nothing too exciting after all...

Darn. I do love rain.


  1. I have those flats in yellow! They are SO cute on...but don't wear them for a long walk. They hurt my feet after awhile.

  2. oh natalie, do you think i would forget about those delicious flats! haha! you were my inspiration. well, second to the hurricane, that is. :)

  3. My bosses spent our afternoon meeting creating a plan for work on Monday after the hurricane hits. Basically, they said don't come to work if the power is out. Or if there are trees in the road. This meeting did not last as long as yesterday's meeting discussing the earthquake. Gotta love the East and all of our natural disasters.