Thursday, August 25, 2011

North Carolina | Music at The American Tobacco Campus

Hello, dear friends. I want to start sharing with you about our experiences in North Carolina, and more specifically, the Durham/Chapel Hill/Raleigh areas, although I hope we will be able to travel around the state a bit, too. I can guarantee that many of the things I will share are not going to be specific to this state, but they will be things that are new and fun to us.
Last weekend we went to an outdoor bluegrass concert at the American Tobacco Campus. Durham is historically known for it’s Tobacco production, and it has left it’s mark on the city. The downtown area is smattered with gorgeous, large brick tobacco buildings that now house restaurants, art galleries, art studios, and even apartments. The particular spot that we went to had a man-made stream, courtyard with spongy North Carolina grass, and some neat restaurants—Durham is known for it’s great restaurants. The band was called Holy Ghost Tent Revival, and they were so good. I loved the mellow and intriguing music that seemed to combine a bit of jazz + bluegrass + indie rock. Or not—I don’t know much about music. Ha! Oh hold up, I just read on their website that no one really knows what type of music they play, because it’s such a fun mesh of styles. So I guess I wasn’t too far off!
Seb loved hanging out, and surprisingly didn’t try to go for a swim in the stream right in front of us, and only went ‘round visiting with strangers once. What a good little dude, eh? 
Do you have outdoor music events where you live?


  1. Oh Mary! I'm so glad you guys are okay :) I've been watching the news and wondering! Your place is looking for guests?! :) And I love the monogram above your bead! My "craftiness" is hopeless without you.

  2. meg! got your message! i seriously think about you every day. we're in need of a chat! we are safe here, i think we're just going to get a bit of rain... nothing too exciting. but you'd better believe we have room for guests! i'm thinking that since we're only 10 hours from harry potter world, you guys should come here this winter and then we can roadtrip down! i need some butterbeer. :)

  3. Mary, I love your new blog design. and your pictures are great. Seb is cuter all the time.

  4. thanks, jennette! you're so sweet.