Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pregnancy | 5 Women and their Pregnancy Style Secrets

So, I'm not pregnant (scout's honor!), but I know that a few of my readers are. About a week ago Refinery 29 interviewed and photographed 5 women on their style and beauty regimen during their respective pregnancies. Their tips are great and each woman's style is different and has a life all it's own.

When I was pregnant with Sebastian, I made the mistake of buying way too many overpriced, drab maternity clothes. It was an extremely frustrating experience, and I still "joke" with Cody about how I should have burned my maternity jeans after having Seb. They were awful. Next time around, I'll take these women's tips to heart. I hope you enjoy reading it and find some useful info as you navigate the world of maternity clothes. Read the article, here.

Do you have any tips, favorite stores, or silhouettes that carried/are carrying you through your pregnancy?



  1. Thanks Mary! Really helpful - especially how to make non-maternity clothes work for a long time.

  2. i'm glad it was helpful kris!