Thursday, September 1, 2011

Style | Kristina Klarin for Anthropologie

I have long loved the inspired necklace designs of Kristina Klarin, first introduced to me by my friend, Gina, about 2 years ago. We would obsess over her designs and color stripes at work (don't judge, we worked in graphic design), Gina as a student, and me as a recent graduate. Gina even interviewed Kris for a senior art assignment and we were both positively giddy when she started designing necklaces. So imagine my delight when I saw this morning that she announced on her blog that one of her necklace designs is being sold at Anthropologie! Isn't it marvelous to see an artist's designs being discovered? I hope you'll all hop over to Kristina's site and see her other lovely designs, photography and of course, her color stripes. Congratulations, Kris! And for heaven's sake, buy that necklace, ladies.



  1. Oh wow, I love the funky edge to that necklace, and still so chic.
    Great blog by the way : )

  2. I agree, her designs are so wonderful. Thanks for stopping by! :)