Saturday, August 27, 2011

Weekend Inspiration

Lotte, of the blog Belle Fleur de Lis: An Inside Garden Diary, working with her plants.

Welcome to weekend posting! I thought about calling my weekend series something like, "Ain't ever gonna happen wishlist." But then that sounds pessimistic and unhappy, doesn't it? The goal of my blog isn't to list off a number of impossible wishlists and make you and myself unhappy about what we can't have, but to share with you things that are inspiring. I love beautiful, well-made, marvelous things, and unfortunately, that usually means $$$.

But maybe not "unfortunately"... I think it's good to tell ourselves no. If every pretty dress, every amazing bag, and every inspiring painting were within our reach, we would never have to deny ourselves, and well, let's be honest, we'd all have a whole lot of crap collecting in our houses and our hearts and before we knew it would be featured on that hoarding show called "Buried Alive."

And when it comes down to it, that's not how we want to live. So that was a long way of saying that I want to share some lovely things with you, and maybe they'll inspire a diy, or something to give or ask for as a Christmas gift. Mostly I hope that you will enjoy with me the creativity, ingenuity and amazing craftsmanship and talent displayed in these pieces.

I also hope to highlight a new-to-me blog each week to give us added inspiration for the weekend. Today's is a blog called Belle Fleur de Lis: An Inside Garden Diary. I start with this blog because it captures one thing that is extremely inexpensive and tremendously rewarding and beautiful—the best way to decorate, in my opinion: Gardening. There is nothing like plants living with you in your home. If you haven't tried it, go to a home improvement store and find a Pothos plant. Want something more tree-like? Corn plant. They are virtually impossible to kill, but so beautiful. So when you're lamenting that you can't buy that $50 dollar pillow that would make your living room pop, see if a $3 plant might do the trick. I hope you enjoy Lotte's simple posts and sincere love of plants and crochet.

Also, here's what made this week's "awesome list."

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