Monday, August 29, 2011

Home | The start of something new

Today marks Cody's first day of graduate school. I so wish I had thought to get a picture of him holding his lunch and wearing his backpack. He was very excited, but as always, we miss having at home with us. Seb starts making this pathetic "bah bah baaaahhh!" sound that increases in desperation when Cody is leaving. It's just terrible. It makes me very glad that I don't have to leave him every day.

It has been so fun to notice the little changes in Seb and how he is growing up. I want it to stop, but I also love it and get so excited for the next thing. He is very content to run around the apartment and play by himself, finding spots where his toys are stashed, carrying our shoes around to different rooms—a favorite activity, which makes Cody's ability to find his shoes next to nonexistent—stacking blocks, looking at books, and talking on his old cell phone that PawPaw and Mamaw sent him . This morning I noticed that he was very quiet, so I peeked around the chair that was obstructing my view of him, and the above is what I saw. Bubble wrap is classic entertainment. He is 15 months old today, and no longer a baby. I love my little toddler dude.

In other, and very exciting news, my mom and little sister are visiting tomorrow! I spent the morning doing some cleaning, and have been making a mental list of all the places I can take them. I'm also hoping that my mom will help me with a few sewing projects, and that Joanna will make me some funnel cakes! I love visits. Hint hint.


  1. I hope to take advantage of your hostessing sometime soon! That kid just gets cuter and cuter.

  2. my hostessing is always at your disposal. seroiusly. we want you in n.c.!