Friday, September 16, 2011

Decor | Rust obsession, Part II

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And my rust obsession continues. This fabulous hue can work wonders in your home. It magically goes with brown, gray and black and meshes with a plethora of decorating styles. Do you like rustic? Go with rust. Do you fancy a scandinavian modern feel? Rust. What about a Better Homes and Gardens look? Rust again. It works as such a lovely neutral, or if you want to pump up the color, pick a shade that lends more towards orange, and you have a statement piece. My favorite way to use rust is in furniture or accent pieces. You can count on seeing a rusty hued couch in my living room some day.

P.S. That room is my dream room. It is exciting to see how my home is slowly evolving into that kind of space. Patience, patience. Also, pink + rust!

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