Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fitness | Weaving it into your routine

I have been sorely neglecting my workouts lately. Can I get a sad face up in here? We all talk about the necessity of working out, how much we loathe ourselves when we don't, and generally seem to be on such a fitness rollercoaster. Do you feel that way? Or are you a complete workout guru? I'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject. You know, what motivates you to throw your gym shoes on and how you stay interested in your workouts.

Lately, my essentials to forming a habit of working out are variety in my workout videos (I love ones with 10 min. segments so that I can mix and match), and vitamins. B-complex, baby. It helps me be less stressed and have energy to want to exercise.  Garance Dore wrote a bit on this topic last week, and I found it really interesting and encouraging. It reminds me that fitness is a way of life and is gradual. It takes one day at a time to develop the habit, and is not something you patch on, but that you weave into your routine. Creating a habit of fitness in this way makes it next to impossible to remove, without unraveling the whole.

Tell me, what is your workout of choice?



  1. I used to have a really hard time staying fit but since I started to swim daily I feel so much better. Btw: Loved Garance's post:) Have a sunny day, sweetie.

  2. I need a concrete goal or a social obligation. Signing up for a race, or joining a running group. I've been slacking all summer so I'm running with a new group tonight!

    I also like some of the free workouts on Yoga Today, but sometimes they're haaaaaaard. :)

  3. When I get back into it, I will let you know. :) I usually take my dog on at least a short walk every day so I get a little bit of exercise. It works my legs and my arms as I pull on her leash!