Thursday, September 15, 2011

Food | My new French Press

I bought a french press yesterday! This decision was spurred on by a combination of two friends. One old and one new. The new discovered this amazing little coffee shop in Chapel Hill that makes the most delcious lattes, and the old had us over for dinner and her husband made coffee for us using a french press. It was so tasty and made me realize that I could make a good cup of coffee at home. So often I make some only to pour it down the drain after a few sips.

Do you like coffee? How do you drink it and how do you make it at home? Do you have a favorite roast? Give me your knowledge! 

I've come a long way after a traumatic coffee experience when I was little. I had coca cola in a cup, and my grandma had coffee in a cup. They looked the same, and I chose wrong. It was cold, and very black. Haha.

That was my first taste. Do you remember your first taste of coffee?

I think the approach of Fall has this delightful beverage on everyone's mind...
Coffee Break in Italy -  loved this, Diana!

P.S. I'm saving my pennies for this burr grinder and milk frother, too.


  1. I love my french press. I don't even own a normal coffee pot anymore. Also you should check out the Mukka express. Someone gave one to me, and it is quite delightful :)


  2. We are such coffee nerds. I actually wrote a short story about my relationship with coffee for my creative writing class with Sundahl senior year.

    We use a french press every morning. We also have a stovetop espresso maker, and sometimes on Saturday mornings, we make stovetop espresso, then heat milk in a saucepan, then pour the warm milk into the french press (gasp) and pump the press up and down -- it makes foam, like for lattes. So we do homemade lattes some weekend mornings for a treat.

    We also have a vacuum press that my dad gave us for our wedding, since we're nerds. We discovered the vacuum press at Comet Coffee in Ann Arbor. It is THE BEST coffee to make when you have people over, because the process of brewing coffee does double-duty as entertainment. The type we have is pretty expensive, but Bodum makes a $40 version, I think.

    Here's a video of a vacuum press in action:

  3. We have an electric espresso maker. I usually add a little water, cream and sugar to mine, and Mark drinks his as an americano black. We also have a stovetop espresso maker, which actually makes pretty good espresso. I want to try a vietnamese coffee maker, and I'd love a hand press. Really, anything but drip.
    As for coffee, we still will pick starbucks over anything else. But we've found that level four seattle's best is a good substitute. However, I'd suggest finding a local place that roasts their own beans (Or roast them yourself!) and try a bunch of varieties in half pound increments till you find something you like. Good plan with the burr grinder. That way you don't get boulders and dust.
    Now, the milk. You can spend 30 on the bodum milk frother, but Ikea has a milk frother for 2 bucks that we use for EVERYTHING. And it makes decent latte foam, too.

  4. thanks all for your input, links and video! loved it all. i am quite eagerly awaiting it's arrival. wendy, so good to know that your french press works well as a makeshift frother! i am definitely going to try that. tasty coffee, here i come!

  5. We use a french press daily and also really like our Bialetti Moka pot! We're researching grinders right now and are thinking we're going to get a manual one instead of an electric- you can get a really good one for less than a good electric burr grinder.

  6. You are so sweet! I'm so happy that you liked my coffee break article:) Made my morning and yay to coffee! Happy Monday, sweetie.