Friday, September 2, 2011

Food | Mangoes

mangoes. by Kerry Ball

mangoes., a photo by Kerry Ball on Flickr.

Today has been a busy day full of errands and stripping a baby crib. The verdict is still out about how it's going to look. But I'm really excited to be learning the process of up-cycling furniture.

And now, mangoes. I've wanted to  buy a mango countless times, but have always been at a complete loss for how to pick a good one. Melons? No problem. But mangoes were unchartered territory. So a few days ago, I searched around for tips on finding a great mango, and employed my newfound skills at Trader Joe's. Here's how you pick a mango:

Should be...

Oblong in shape, like a football
Firm, but also slightly soft to the touch
Similar to a ripe peach in color
May have a few brown specks

Should not be...

Smelling like alcohol (if it is, that means it's going bad)

Most often, mangoes that you buy at the grocery will not yet be ripe. To ripen, leave in a cool place in your kitchen. To delay the ripening process, place your mangoes in the refrigerator.

If I'm on the ball, I may even show you how to cut one when mine ripens. No promises!

Are there any fruits that you want to buy, but don't know how to pick?

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  1. We loooove's reagans favorite food. I used to buy fresh at Costco...they have great ones but now I buy trader joes frozen mango chunks. Super easy to puree and even easier to pack in lunches...and always perfectly ripe.

  2. we cut into our mango today, katie! it was sooo good. seb is in this really picky stage, always suspicious of what we're giving him, but he seemed to like it. i will most definitely try it pureed when we have another baby.