Monday, September 19, 2011

What Seb Wore, Vol. 1

I'm starting a "What Seb Wore" series for two reasons: to give Seb more face-time on my blog, because I know that's the real reason you come here, and because then maybe I'll start paying attention to what I put him in! Seriously, it's bad. This poor child looks like a vagabond more often than not. As much as I love little babe clothes, I sadly often take a defeatist approach about it. "But I don't have any money for that! Boo hoo hoo." It's embarrassing, really. But the truth is, we are blessed to have so many generous friends and family that shower Seb with oodles of clothes. See rockin' shoes c/o Aunt B, and sweet Zara pants c/o Nanny a.k.a. AA. So how much did I have to spend to clothe Seb for church this morning?


I am no longer allowed to say that I don't have money to dress my babe the way I like. How do you get around tight budgets and dress your little one the way you love?

Two baby DIY's on the docket:
Toddler sleep sack
Pants that fit his little, ahem, large cloth diapered bum


  1. He looks so adorable and those cute shoes..awww:)Have a great day, darling.

  2. cute :) Also, I look at this blog called MADE and she just posted a "Sewing for Boys" post.

  3. oh i miss him. i've waited so long to see him in his little zara pants! they are so skinny and perfect.

  4. thanks all! jennette, thanks for the tip! i recently re-discoverd MADE, but missed that post.

    nanny, they ARE perfect and skinny! and they have room for his diaper! they are definitely my favorite pants of his. i'm planning to make him some more pants for the fall/winter and i'm going to alter my pattern so that the legs look like his zara pants. you're the best!