Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Little One | Vintage Fisher Price

vintage fisher price pop up camber set
vintage fisher price jetliner
Let's talk about toys for a minute, shall we? I'm in the thick of Christmas shopping right now, and just amped it up a notch because Cody and I have decided to do our little family Christmas a week from Sunday. Ooo boy I guess I'd better buy a few gifties, eh?

My aunt has a Fisher Price Play Family Farm #915, and Seb loves to play with it. A little barn/farm set has been top on my list for him for a while, so this seems like the perfect thing. I am so in love with this shop right now I can't even tell you, and am about to go berserk and buy up the whole lot. Someone hold me back.


  1. We just bought the Fisher Price Family Farm at the flea market outside Hillsdale (complete set for $12!). Definitely a classic :)

  2. oh i'm so jealous! i can't find any for near that cheap! your future kids will certainly have a treasure. :)