Sunday, December 4, 2011

Home | A Homemade Christmas

I should really be working on some Christmas cards right now while Cody and Seb are napping, but instead I'm blogging, because I've been itching to share our humble Christmas decorations with you.

These decorations are my favorite, even though they're much more simple than we've ever had in the past. When I opened our bin of Christmas decorations, none of our lights worked, and I realized that beyond a wreath, a bag of red potpourri, and our Christmas ornaments, we had nothing. After buying a few strands of lights, I got to work trying to liven the place up with some homemade decorations. I love that I spent absolutely nothing on these decorations, but find them to be the most pleasant and homey. In the first picture, you can see our Trader Joe's paper bag chain (they have templates on their bags! I'm so glad we forgot our reusable bags that week!). My biggest triumph was the homemade garland for our big dining nook wall. I used fabric scraps, and Gold ornaments that we couldn't fit on our little tree. And last but not least, the most insignificant of details, but also my favorite, this little flag that say "O Holy Night." I've had that stamp for several years, and used some leftover Trader Joe's bag. The stick is from the front yard!

This tradition of homemade decor is definitely something I am going to keep up with. I can't wait until Seb can lend a helping hand!

Have you decorated?

If you haven't yet, check out Nat the Fat Rat's Christmas tree series! It's so fun to see what some of your favorite bloggers like to do with their Christmas decorations. How do you decorate your tree?

No matter what our Christmas tree looks like, this guy will always make an appearance. My older sister has Jack. I found out a couple years ago that they are McDonald's Happy Meal ornaments from 1987. Probably the only reason to like McDonald's! Haha.


  1. I love the Trader Joe's garland! I am absolutely making one this afternoon!

  2. So pretty. I love your little tree. I can't wait to be out of school so that we can put up more decorations. We just have our yarn pom poms and lights from previous years.