Tuesday, November 15, 2011

North Carolina | What Seb Wore (in November), Vol. 2

Today I felt truly glad to be in North Carolina, stoked outta my mind to be a stay-at-home mom, and indescribably happy to be able to open all the windows and spend the morning outside with my boy.

I am so very thankful for this fine, warm day, and the smell of Summer in November.

We took advantage of the morning by spending it at the park just down the street from us, where he went down the big kid spiral slide about a million times—by him self. I did of course take him up to the top and make sure he was safely on his way down before racing down to make sure he didn't land awkwardly/painfully. Whoever invented the material that those slides are made of was genius, though. It was practically impossible for him to go too fast. After completely tiring him out with exploring, sliding, seesawing, swinging, and stick hunting, I put him back in his stroller and we went on a little walk.

It's days like these that keep me fueled and remind me how blessed I am to be living this life with Sebastian Thomas Webb Strecker and his daddy. Who, by the way, loves us so much, he spends even the loveliest of days studying and writing so that we can buy those sweet little Target boots that Seb got to play in today, and have grand outside adventures together.


  1. Such a dapper little man! The South is pretty awesome like that - even though I miss family and friends like crazy being so far away, I am truly enjoying the gorgeous fall days.

  2. He's getting so big Mary! I can't believe it. Seb is such a cheerful little man. I love seeing pictures of him in his new habitat.

  3. thanks for your sweet notes! dawn, i am so with you about missing family. my dad had a bad accident a few days ago (he's fine just a bit laid up) and i so want to go home to help! we need to plan a va trip to visit you soon!