Friday, December 16, 2011

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We were supposed to leave at 4 this morning, but after hearing our alarm go off at 3:30, I suggested that we aim to leave at 5 instead. Poor Cody is still recovering from far to many all-nighters. We finally got on the road at around 5:30, walking out into the 60 degree darkness to get to our car. Sebastian in nothing more than his dinosaur footie pajamas. During our long drive, filled with laughs, flaring tempers, and droopy lids I began to think of all the things that I love about being North, and what I am looking forward to during this trip. We hadn't seen family since October, and Seb has changed so much.

Oh, and before my little list, here's a video of Sebastian as the sun was coming up through the mountains of Virginia. What a gorgeous morning. The music is Genesis 1, by Folk Psalm.

Watching the faces of our family members as they see Seb again. And of course seeing Seb interact with his aunts, uncles, and grandparents after so long. I love that he knows them even though he doesn't see them very often. It's also funny how comfortable he is with my mom, and I have to think it's because she and I talk the same way, have the same intonations in our voice, and call him the same silly names. It's true, you will be your mother some day. Seb is also completely intrigued by my dad. I can't wait to see them working outside together. We see Cody's parents tomorrow (we talk to them on Facetime frequently), and I feel that if Seb could talk, he would say, "Hey! Why don't you guys ever take the ball I try to give you through the computer!?" And maybe Paw Paw will show Seb the Motorcycle...? Tomorrow is going to be fun.

Sneaky Steps. Okay, I hadn't thought of this one before tonight, but my little sister Joanna noticed it and can't get enough. Seb has this silly walk where he kind of bends at the knees and then scoots his feet along the floor. We call him Mr. Sneaky Steps when he does it.

The chance for Seb to learn new words. He has a few... Bird, Bath, Dog, and Ball. All of which sound like "Baw." And the only one that he will say on-demand, if you will, is ball. He loves anything shaped remotely like a ball. Show him a Christmas tree, and he will point out each ball individually, and have to say the word for each one. I love this, but I do so want him to learn a few more.

Food! Okay, this was a given. It is Christmas, after all. However, I am going to try to enjoy all the Christmas treats with moderation. I gained 5.5 lbs. last month, and am pretty sure that it would be very bad to repeat that this month... I need my new jeans—my awesome jeans—to fit me through this entire pregnancy. More on the complete fabulousness of this pair coming soon.

The chance to have help with Seb, and for Cody to get good rest. He shared with me some of the things that he wants to do over break, and I'm glad we'll have a slower schedule so that he can do a few things that he enjoys, and never has time for. Did I mention that he finished his first semester of Div school with an incredible 19 page paper? That's right. I read it, and understood it, and thought it was awesome. Oh and it will be so nice to have a little company above the age of 18 months for a couple weeks. Although I do just love my little man. How are his cheeks still so edible!?

What are you looking forward to this week before Christmas?

P.S. This evening I'm linking up, albeit a little late, with E Tells Tales. I love E's blog, and think her weekly Ten Little Ivie Things is the most darling idea. 


  1. I love you, Dell! I just can't stop smiling for you! :)

  2. This -->
    is what I first thought of when you said heading north. It's Missy Higgins, and she wrote it (I'm pretty sure) about her trip to Europe, where she spent months backpacking with her guitar, to get inspired and write beautiful music. Miss you, neighbor.