Sunday, January 15, 2012

Food | Peanut butter face & and other foods for this picky toddler

Cody told me a couple weeks ago that, "Seb gets his finicky eating habits from one of his parents, and it's not you." Fortunately, he is expanding his horizons beyond bananas and oatmeal, and I've made a list of the few things that Sebastian will eat without fail (usually). He now has two dependable sources of protein, people! Oh and this week I could hardly keep him away from the yogurt. I know he needs the calcium because he refuses to drink milk, but three bowls a day, Seb? We've also recently run into a new challenge. He thinks he's entitled to a look-over of the contents of the fridge before eating anything... (yah). This is particularly difficult because I think he is certain there is some magical, tasty food that we're not telling him about, but are hiding in the fridge, like...

"Come on mom, there has to be better food than this!" 
"Well kid, maybe there is, but I'm not going to risk your developing childhood diabetes. More grapes?"

The "Buy it or My Child will Starve" List:

Peanut Butter
Sweet Potatoes

What does your toddler eat?


  1. Poor Mary! It seems Seb has inherited his father's "beige-only" taste palette.

    It seems to be a trend with most of my friends who have two kids that the first is a much pickier eater than the second. So perhaps there's hope with #2 :)

  2. We are having a hard time with getting Evie to drink milk - we've just been doing a lot of yogurt and cheeses - is that what you've done too?? I'm wondering how crucial milk is...? Fruit is a winner with Evie. As is toast (something I've been eating a lot of!). She's also a big chicken fan. - Jen Mortier

  3. My kid can be a bit fussy, she'd happily eat a honey sandwich (on rice mountain bread with tons of butter) for every meal! I have to restrict her to only one per day. We couldn't live without eggs, served every way, but recently she's started properly chewing and swallowing poached chicken which sadly makes me happier than it probably should. Kellie xx PS have you tried him on roast pumpkin? That's also a big winner in our house.

  4. karen, i love your comments about cody's eating habits! whenever i tell cody what you wrote, he always says, "she always did enjoy exaggerating my affinity for tan-colored foods." haha

    Jen, i think if she's eating yogurt and cheese she should be just fine. seb won't eat cheese for some reason either, but at least he's always begging for yogurt! our ped told me to make sure that any dairy i feed him is full fat, though.

    kellie, thanks for your comment! i'm so glad you dropped by. aren't eggs a lifesaver? i haven't tried roast pumpking, but it sounds delicious! i always try at least to make him foods that i would want to eat, too, as i often have to finish it off! thanks for the suggestion.