Friday, January 13, 2012

Food | My first taste of Matcha green tea

I ordered a bit of Vitalife's Matcha green tea a few days back and got it in the mail yesterday. I tried it with hot water yesterday, and this morning I drank it mixed in hot milk, which was incredible. A great way to get some dairy and an energy boost in one delicious drink. The biggest problem I'm finding is how to get it mixed completely. Unmixed green tea powder chunks are less than pleasant, so I need to figure out how to better whisk it. Do you drink Matcha? I'd love to know how you prepare it!

By far, the best thing about Matcha is that within 15 minutes of drinking it, I feel so much more awake, energized, and revived. Who doesn't want that in the morning?!

Is there anything that you eat or drink regularly that helps you feel fueled for the day, or gives you a boost midday?

P.S. Here is the article that convinced me I had to get some. It also didn't hurt that this lady drinks it daily.


  1. I've always found that shaking works better than stirring.

  2. ooo good suggestion. i'll try that!