Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Food | Smitten Kitchen Dijon Braised Brussels Sprouts

Two years ago I tried to make brussels sprouts, and it was highly unsuccessful. Cody said they tasted like dirt, and I reluctantly had to agree. So while we were in Seattle, I took advantage of having my vegan brother-in-law and his, also vegan, girlfriend by my side, and picked their brains in regards to a few food items. They insisted that brussels sprouts should not taste like dirt, and that I should try buying them fresh. I had been wanting to try this recipe for a couple months now because I was going through a weird mustard-craving stage, so I decided I would go on the hunt for fresh brussels sprouts and make it happen.

In conclusion, brussels sprouts are amazing (if you like cabbage), don't, in fact, taste like dirt, and are really easy to prepare. For this recipe, I used milk instead of cream (I wouldn't suggest that), and kept the sauce separate because Cody doesn't like mustard. I'm glad I did that, because it actually tasted better without the mustard. I also used onions instead of shallots. I hope you'll try it! Oh and the leftovers are still good, but you loose the the subtle crunch when they are stored and reheated, so I would recommend making what you can eat for that meal.

Here's to brussels sprouts!


  1. Brussel sprouts are my favorite vegetable! And after nearly two years of work, Tommy likes them, too. We usually just slice them and saute them in butter or olive oil, but I had been thinking about trying this recipe as well.

    And your mustard craving is hilarious. There's a local sandwich shop with amazing chicken salad that I have craved for the last 5 months. It wreaked havoc on our food budget for a while there.

  2. I got Sean to love brussel sprouts via bacon. It's simple: fry up a couple of pieces of bacon until crispy, remove them from the pan; add some onion (if you're feeling like cutting onion, otherwise ditch it) chopped finely to the pan with the bacon grease in it and saute for a minute; then add b. sprouts sliced thinly and cook them for about five minutes. Crunch the bacon into bits and return to pan, add sliced hazelnuts (roasted, if you're feeling up to it!). Not a vegan friendly recipe, though!

  3. Hello! I've just been on a clicking spree and landed here on your lovely blog. I've never been a massive fan of brussel sprouts - that is, UNTIL I ate them friend with lentils and mint at a restaurant called Porteno in Sydney. They were incredible. They might even change your life they are that much of a taste sensation. Seriously! (I am yet to make them at home, so I do hope they work out. If you try cooking them, of course.)


    Kellie xx

  4. hooray for all this b-sprout love! i love your ideas on preparation! i'm going to have to pace myself when trying these recipes/ideas, or cody might refuse any future attempts at b-sprouts. thanks for taking the time to chime in!