Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Decor | Art from nothing

This should really become my interior decorating motto. Technically none of the things I make come from nothing, but just about. I have so many scrap/craft items filling up our den that we can barely set foot in there. I have no idea how Cody can study in such chaos, and I know that my mom would say I've got the Tillis curse. So in an effort to de-clutter and decorate the kid's (!) room, I'm making a little art from nothing in order to fill the walls, and make it feel cheery. To me, a poorly decorated nursery looks like it can't escape smelling like Desitin. I want my nursery to smell like cherries and vanilla. (You may laugh).

I'll show you the full pictures once I get the nursery done. I used vintage wrapping paper from my grandma (the one on the Tillis side...), and old photos for the first set. Unfortunately they are only pictures from my family because those were the only pictures I had. I would love to do another set of Cody as a baby, and his parents. For the second one, I used an old feed sack fabric and very old frame, also from my grandma, and this sweet picture of my oldest sister and me. On the back of the photo my mom wrote that Bekah was 3 and I was 4 weeks. I hope I can get a picture just like this with Seb and his little brother or sister.

Have you made any art from nothing lately?

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