Thursday, January 19, 2012

Seb | A little light reading

I swear, somehow this kid knows that Hillsdale is his home. I was busy making myself a little coffee, while Seb was, I thought, watching The Rescue Rangers. When I came back to the living room this is what I found. I'm not even sure where he found the Alumni Magazine that came just a few days ago, but he was just nonchalantly perusing it's pages like he was a seasoned reader, and learning all kinds of wonderful things about Dr. Geyer (let's face it, that's why he wanted to read it...).

I guess he knows a quality publication when he sees one. Or he was sufficiently brainwashed during all the time he spent in the Publications office before he was born.


  1. This was Laeth yesterday and today, too! Thank you Hillsdale for sending such absorbing reading material!