Friday, March 9, 2012

Home | Colds and little blessings

I'm tired and have the mild beginnings of a cold, or perhaps just a mild cold (it's so hard to tell), so of course I'm doing the most responsible thing with a portion of Seb's nap time and posting a few photos of our day. It's been a slow, but oddly busy week. Maybe it's just been a weird week, because Cody is on break, Seb also has a cold, and I've come up with a ridiculous new grocery budget system that has me oddly excited to enter my purchases in an excel spreadsheet and agonize over each and every item (properly chastising myself for frivolous buys, of course, and vowing never to do it again). But aside from being weird, it's been really good. A lot of growth has been happening around here, and I don't just mean the little boy who loves kicking around and doing somersaults, or Seb and his sudden affinity for buckles, which he has successfully learned to fasten, but then says "uh oh!" when he does, so that I can unfasten them for him. But growth is tiring you know, so I've been taking it slow, ruminating over a million things, reading and ruminating on new things, adding layers and layers to what I'm already thinking, and understanding more every day about where my heart is, and where it needs to be. I've also been thinking a lot about how our lives our going to change in just a few months. I am so excited to meet my new little dude, but at the same time nervous and tired, and feeling a twinge of sadness when I remember that soon it won't just be me and Seb puttering around and having adventures together. Of course, it will be wonderful, but it's the unknown, and the unknown is always a bit scary. 

This week I have also been tremendously blessed by two friends. One offered to let us borrow their infant car seat for baby boy, and the other let me peruse her stash of maternity clothes! I came home with a giant bag of t-shirts and dresses, and wake up feeling like it's the weeks following Christmas when you have yet another new item to don. Not to mention, Cody's break has freed up a bit more of his time to just sit around and hang out with us. Yesterday we walked Cody part of the way to school, taking some new streets, smelling the delicious flowering shrubs, and soaking up the sun. Last night we ate inexcusable amounts of popcorn and watched a movie with Seb. 

It's been very good.


  1. Boogie Wipes are amazing for little ones' colds. :) And I'm feeling the same way... very excited about our little girl, but the unknown of what our new life will look like is a bit daunting at times.

    1. oh i know! boogie wipes! i generally think that things like that are just unnecessary, but let's face it, toilet paper doesn't get the, um, dried boogies, off very well. seb's nose is always shiny and clean thanks to the boogie wipes! and so glad we'll be introducing our respective #2 babies at the same time! it will be so fun to hear each other's stories and get encouragement from one another.

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