Saturday, March 10, 2012

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Okay, so more like 15 minutes with Julia Child.

Cody, Seb and I explored the nearest public library branch today, and I couldn't resist coming home with a dvd of 18 of Julia Child's most celebrated episodes of The French Chef. Cody is at a friend's house this evening so I thought I would be merciful, and get some viewing in while he's away. Without hesitation, I clicked the "play all" button on the menu screen, and with equal speed hit "stop" after the first episode. This lady is good! I know, I should probably get with it, you say. She is Julia Child, after all. What did I expect? I couldn't bear to go on to another episode until I let this first one, all about vegetables, sink in, and, pardon the pun, marinate for a little while.

I would most definitely categorize myself as a haphazard and experimental cook. You never know what I'll throw together, and you better believe I experiment on guests on a regular basis and without thinking twice (you've been warned!). All of which, I think Julia would approve of. But, I think she would also shake her finger at me for lacking some basic, or at least necessary, skills of preparation, and for heaven's sake, chopping. You see, I often fall into a rut of preparing all vegetables the exact same way, and seasoning them in a likewise lackluster manner. I only recently perfected pasta (at least in my mind). Not because cooking pasta is that difficult, but because I never experimented with timing or water amounts to achieve a better outcome. It was cooked, right? In fact, I never knew my pasta was wanting until I accidentally made it differently and Cody raved about how perfectly cooked it was. Thanks to Cody's impeccable taste buds and Julia's perfectly educated and whimsically haphazard ways in the kitchen, I think I've finally realized the need to begin reevaluating my methods in the kitchen.

First, I think I'll start with more butter, and as Julia taught me this evening, always use my hands to taste and prep (after I've properly washed up, of course). Oh the gems, Julia, oh the gems...

Bon App├ętit!

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