Tuesday, March 20, 2012

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With the advent of warmer weather, our bedroom has become a sweet haven for me. We have two large windows, one facing East and one North, which fill the room to the brim with the most wonderful light—the pine trees reminding me daily that I live in the South. I sit on the floor in front of two vintage suitcases piled one on top of the other (my makeshift desk/landing spot) and read, blog and e-mail. There's plenty of space for some tea or coffee, too. I also usually do my workouts in our bedroom, as it's a large space. And when it's time for me to take a quick snooze, the bed is a convenient 3 feet away, and right next to the pile of books I'm working on.


These photos were taken from my spot at the suitcases. I was filled with such peace looking out at the white hot sky and smelling the delicious air wafting in from two directions. Of course, there's the frequent honk and rumble coming from the road, but it doesn't matter much to me; It's such a lovely space. Baby boy #2 is going to have to fight me for it come June!

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