Monday, March 19, 2012

DIY | What Seb wore (to a wedding), Vol. 3

The wedding we went to this weekend was black tie optional, so I knew I was up for a challenge when it came to Sebastian's outfit. I searched through his drawers and could come up with nothing more than a plaid button-down onesie + sweater that my mom and dad gave him for Christmas. Not exactly your traditional black tie optional choice, but 1) he is a toddler, afterall, and 2) the wedding was on St. Patrick's Day, so suddenly plaid didn't seem like a terribly inappropriate choice. And actually, the bride and groom both wore their family plaids during the ceremony. Score!

The outfit needed a finishing touch, however... enter, fabulous paisley yellow bow tie.

I used this great tutorial (I made the double fold bow tie version), altering the size to fit Sebastian, and since I didn't have any pieces to make an adjustable neck, used some velcro for a non-adjustable neck. Voila! It was simple, and fairly quick. I must mention that my mother-in-law saved the day when she re-filled the bobbins on my machine for me, and that she, Paw Paw, and Auntie Anna took Seb to the park, which gave me just enough time to finish the project! Without them, Seb would have attended the wedding sans snazzy bow tie.

P.S. Aren't my men handsome in their matching ties?! I feel way too spoiled to be getting yet another one!!! Three cheers for more excuses to make bow ties, haha.

Also, more of what Seb wears... Vol. 1 & Vol. 2

"Come ooon, Dad! Paw Paw showed me where the golf carts are parked!!!"


  1. Awww! He's so cute! Definitely bookmarking the bow tie tutorial - makes me want a boy so much!

  2. dawn, if you have a girl, you can just make the bow part and put it in her hair! now that would definitely be pretty cute. : )