Sunday, March 18, 2012

North Carolina | A wedding weekend on Ocracoke

...because grandaddy is way too cool. 
cody and grandmother. this one makes my heart melt.

the beach

seb loved the water. he kept chasing after it when the waves would recede, and got very very wet.

26 weeks now!

the wedding. anna, grandmother and grandaddy.
it should be noted that grandaddy is wearing his very own wedding day tie: black. skinny. silk. knit. can you say stylish?

we could not keep him off the dance floor.
he was very perturbed when there was a break in the dancing for the toasts.
after the wedding, cody looked at me and sighed, "he loves to dance!" yes, seb is just like his daddy.

smokin' a cuban with uncle lee.
this had something to do with the grandbaby wars declared by uncle lee. maybe he thought he'd win if he taught his sister's grandbaby to smoke??

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  1. love the beach pictures. I loved the water, too, but my sister hated it! She would pull her little three month old feet up and just cry and cry.

    Also, the cubans picture is great. So cute. You should frame that one!