Friday, April 27, 2012

Food | Strawberries

We finally made it happen.

The strawberries at Whitted Bowers Farm were ripe, red, delicious, and organic! It made for a really fun morning and left me wanting to go back for more.

I unfortunately forgot to tote my camera along, and since I don't have any of those crazy phones that take cool pictures, the trip went undocumented. But sometimes it's just good to sit in the moment. So while I sat in the moment, Sebastian sat in puddles... and strawberries... and rocks.

He wasn't very into strawberry picking, which surprised me a bit, but he was very into the puddles left by the rain we've been having this week. Before I knew it, he was just sitting right down in the middle of the deepest one, perfectly content. I'm pretty sure he explored every aspect of that big puddle.

I find myself trying to keep Seb clean most of the time, but I have to remember how important it is for him to have messy experiences. He needs to be free to explore the world around him, see what mud feels like, and watch the way water splashes when you run through it.

There should be a lot more exploring like that.

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  1. I saw that you're reading Last Child in the Woods. I love that book. Exploration of all kinds is so important! I'm glad you let him sit in the puddles. :-)