Thursday, April 26, 2012

North Carolina | Pullen Park makes for one blissfully happy toddler

We had strawberry picking on the docket for today, but the weather looked pretty iffy, and since it's 45 minutes away, we didn't want to risk it. Instead, we met up with our friends in Raleigh and checked out Pullen Park! We chose this one because A. said that there were train rides for $1, and since Sebastian is obsessed with trains right now—making the sound, but saying dhoo dhoo!, instead—I knew it would be a big hit.

I was so excited that A. and her little Z. introduced us to this park because I've been trying to collect ideas of fun things to do when Cody's parents come to spend a week with me and Seb at the beginning of June. Of course, little baby might arrive early, and then we'll be guaranteed a week of endless excitement! But just in case baby comes around his due date, or later, Pullen Park will definitely be on our list of fun things to do. In addition to train rides, there is a carousel and little boat rides for the kiddos, as well as paddle boating! This is a cool park, let me tell you.

So, dear strawberries, I'm sure you taste yummy, but we're not so sorry we had to take a raincheck after all.

Ready for an adventure!


The train is coming the train is coming the train is coming!

Are you sure this thing knows how to get us home? Here, let me plug it in.

Perhaps I could be in charge of pushing the pedals...


  1. AAAAAAAHHHHH, Seb's face!! His shoes! His face!!

    1. haha i couldn't have said it better. man it really does just keep getting more fun! also, his shoes... i keep trying to get him to wear his sandals since it's pretty warm, but he insists until he's almost in tears that he wear his loafers. i guess the boy knows that they are way more stylish than his sandals. i'm going to hide all of his shoes but his sandals this morning for strawberry picking... haha!