Friday, April 20, 2012

Little One | Good finds

Hi friends, I've been away because Sebastian and I decided on Monday to leave at the crack of dawn on Tuesday to go visit some dear friends in Virginia. More to come about the trip later, but I'll just say that it was both wonderful and empowering. Sure there were hard moments, as it was our first time traveling by ourselves, but it was such a refreshing trip for me, and so fun to see two of my friends who also have little ones and hearing about how they parent. I learned some amazing things from both of them, and felt challenged and encouraged. I can't wait to write down some thoughts and share them with you!

And since, of course, when you get home at 2:30 a.m., what else are you going to do bright and early the next morning but go shopping!? There is a consignment boutique in Chapel Hill that I had been wanting to visit, and decided that today was the day, and then Seb and I would go to the library afterward. Sadly, we never made it to the library because as we were in the mall, headed to The Red Hen, we stumbled on the Kid Cycle! Helloooo goodies! I bought a pair of loafers for Seb to help him stylishly fill the role of ring bearer in my brother's upcoming wedding, and two pairs of shoes for the baby boy who jumped on my bladder during the whole five hour car trip home last night (I love you, too, baby). I also scored in the puzzle department. Seb only has one right now, so these are for his birthday. I love old, used puzzles. And hey, check out the Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel puzzle. What a beauty. I'm pretty sure consignment sales make for the best shopping experience ever.

I hope your week has been adventurous and lovely just like mine!

P.S. Little boy shoes make me want to have a million little boys.


  1. oooh, I can't wait to hear about your trip... especially the parenting tips/advice. I'm a collector, definitely. :)

    And the shoes are so cute! though, little girl shoes can be pretty cute, too.
    I mean...

    1. oh my gosh, wendy, little girl ANYTHING is so cute. i actually think it might be bad for me to have a little girl because i would either be terribly indecisive all the time, or just buy so many things we didn't actually need! emily and i went to a couple consignment stores when i was in VA and we both agreed that we would be in deep trouble if we had girls because there were just the sweetest little things! but not complaining. i think i've grown to love the challenge of finding little boy stuff. sifting through the boys racks at stores is like looking for a needle in a haystack. i need to start an affordable clothing brand for little boys...

      also, holy moly those shoes are cute!!