Saturday, April 14, 2012

North Carolina | The Durham Life and Science Museum

This morning Sebastian and I made our first visit to the Life and Science Museum. I had been wanting to take Seb for a while, and our friends who have passes were kind enough to invite us to come along! It was a beautiful day to do some exploring outside, and Seb certainly enjoyed every moment pounding on drums, getting dirty in a giant sandbox full of bulldozers and dumptrucks, checking out the farm animals, and observing the butterflies. Also, it didn't escape my attention that Seb likes to read all of the signs in front of the exhibits... just like his daddy.

We had so much fun and are hoping that your Saturday has been just as lovely. Thanks, LeAnn & Jonah!


  1. Boys are so AMAZING! I am so excited for when Ben is big enough to do these things :0)

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