Monday, May 14, 2012

Seb | A lunch date at The Greene

Look at how lazy I'm getting... stealing pictures from my mother-in-law! Well she does take some good ones, and it's fun seeing pictures through someone else's lens every once in a while.

Our days in Hillsdale are behind us now, and we are spending the week with my family. But on the way down this morning, we stopped to meet Cody's parents and sister and have lunch with them. It was loads of fun and wore Sebastian out. It's so exciting to see the joy he gets from being around family and to watch him light up when he spots them coming towards him.

In other news, the baby has dropped! Sebastian was born just 11 days after he dropped, but I'm really hoping it takes a bit longer this time around, because 11 days would be the 23rd, and that's the day we return to Durham. Oh the suspense.

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  1. Those splash pools are so fun! Looks like Seb is really enjoying himself. Wow, he dropped! It is suspenseful, but I'm sure everything will go well. I never felt Ronnie drop, so I don't know how long after he was born. I'll be praying for you!