Thursday, June 14, 2012

Husband | Twenty-seven

Cody's birthday was yesterday, so we celebrated by having a group of friends over to consume vast amounts of coffee cake and chocolate-cherry cupcakes. Sebastian had such a fun time hanging out with "the dudes," learning to fist-pound, throwing a ball around, and I'm pretty sure he even got Jordan to read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie to him right before bedtime. As for the birthday boy, I think he gets better looking with age, so although I hate getting older, I don't mind so much when he does. (Don't worry, I remind him frequently that I love him for his insides, too. To which he responds, "Do you love me for my pancreas?").

I'm excited to see what God has in store for this funny, good-looking, and talented man of mine. I predict that the first significant event of his 27th year will be becoming a dad again! What a great way to start a year, eh?

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