Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cloth | The best wool covers

If you're considering using wool covers with your cloth diapers, try these, and buy them up fast. They never stay in stock for long. I can't say enough good about our underwoolies. They are trim, cute, hold up so well, and are just darn cute. The price may seem steep, but these are our most durable covers. Others that we have are felting (which also means shrinking) over time. Not these, though! They have pilled a little, but are still pleasantly flexible and have stayed true to size. Do you think I can put my boys in the Aster color?? Haha it looks so pretty!

P.S. How to Lanolize Wool Covers.


  1. Mary,
    Ben has (almost) moved onto the next size of diapers. I am doing a combo of Flips (babies r us sells them and I was able to get 2 day packs with gift cards!!!) and prefolds. When you use wool covers do you put them over prefolds or fitteds? Thanks!! I am really interested in trying wool....not sure if the majority of my interest is function or just because Seb looks so stinking cute in them!

    1. i've never used anything but prefolds, but you could definitely use fitteds like these:

      wool definitely takes more care, but i think they hold up better over time than other covers. plus it's nice that they are so breathable and don't cut into your baby's thighs or stomach.